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Suite Elemental

Four dynamic elements interact with each other in frightfully wonderful ways framing the way we see our world. All equally essential. All equally indispensable. All tangible save one. The fifth element. The intangible rudiment. Known by many names to many peoples. Love. Grace. Peace. Espoire. Whether using the steady seeming predictability of the soil or the volatile and transformative nature of fire, we use the simple complexities of nature to inspire creativity.

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Man, [Josiah] can REALLY play!

Billy Hart


As always, Truth & Revolution is true to form in presenting vibrant young artists who carry not only the music, but the courage and the message as well. In being exceptional, Josiah is no exception. I’ve witnessed his growth since he was a pre-teen and like a slow-cooked culinary masterpiece, his concept, writing and playing are delicious and meticulous in every conceivable way. This is one of the music’s champions for a long time coming!

John Santos

Josiah Woodson est un jeune musicien qui m’a tout de suite impressionné lorsque j’ai eu la chance de travailler avec lui d’abord en tant que trompettiste ,mais en réalité c est un multi-instrumentiste de grand talent qui considère que l’instrument importe bien moins que la musique elle même et c est tout naturellement qu’il nous emmène avec lui dans son univers.

Mario Canonge

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